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Alix Manon

visual art


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Alix Manon is a Belgian interdisciplinary artist based in Antwerp (BE). Her work spans sculptural objects, installation, conceptual jewellery and video. Her artistic practice explores the impact of conflict, disease, trauma and social injustice on our physical and psychological well-being. Her work is characterized by great sensitivity and appears in a wide variety of forms. She investigates the properties of different materials and ways to manipulate, transform and combine them into pieces embodying new connections and perspectives. She is looking for fields of tension between various degrees of chaos and our continuous pursuit to create balance in life. In dissecting the layered sense of self that all people retain, she tries to unravel the human motivation behind unpredictable actions and intricate behavior, the cause of complex interpersonal relationships.

Alix' artwork has been exhibited internationally and is included in the permanent collection of CODA Museum in Apeldoorn (NL).